THIS Designer Men’s Fragrance will be your comrade this Summer season!

by Nikita Agrawal on Mar 16, 2023

THIS Designer Men’s Fragrance will be your comrade this Summer season!

Being a perfume lover, no matter how much you adore a fragrance, sooner or later you realize it does not complement all the different seasons and weather (indeed, the moods too). As summer approaches, it is time to revamp your perfume collection and stock up on refreshing perfume picks. 

When talking about a summer banger fragrance for men, we are always looking for something that is refreshing, elegant, and can make you sweep off your feet with just a spritz. One such perfume pick that will make you fall in love with its divinely savory and refreshing sniff is Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue EAU Intense. 

A Refreshing Burst of Oceanic Accords Makes It a Summer King 

The aquatic spray will remind you of the beachy getaways on a scorchingly warm day. The fruity accords of grapefruit and mandarine add tangy freshness to your day and make you feel confident. The fragrance explodes with the soft whiffs of juniper that take you on a serene escape to the juniper gardens, and simply feel edible to the nose. Apart from the fruity newness, the perfume also comprises spicy notes of musk that make it a perfect blend of hard and soft notes, making it appropriate to be worn on multiple occasions. As the perfume fades, citrus notes slowly evanesce while the aquatic whiffs tend to grow stronger towards the end. It can make one feel like sitting on the edge of a swimming pool on a sunny evening. 

Why Should You Own It? 

D&G Light Blue EAU Intense is not just a luscious fragrance that can make people turn their heads when you wear it. Here’s why you should add it to your collection this summer season: 

  • One of the prime reasons to add the scent to your summer collection is the fresh and spicy accords that make it a suitable pick for the warm weather. 
  •  Furthermore, the aquatic blend is perfect to be worn on a variety of occasions. You can wear it to a beach getaway and also to your office or even to a club night. P.S. the choice is completely yours. The unique notes add versatility to the scent. 
  • If you love collecting luxury fragrances, this one is a must-have. It comes in an elegant transparent bottle with an aquatic blue lid that looks classy and expensive. For any perfume lover, it can be an add-on to the collection. 
  • The commendable sillage of the scent is another reason why one must have the fragrance. The scent can easily be noticed from four to six feet range.
  • Furthermore, the perfume lasts for a long 7-9 hours of duration, which makes it an ultimate summer king steal for a fragrance lover. 
  • The perfume has a mild freshness which feels light on the skin. It is not an overwhelming blend of strong notes that can turn off people around you. 

If you’re looking forward to buying Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue EAU Intense this summer season, head to our website to buy it now!

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue EAU Intense

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