7 Enticing Fragrances to Gift Her this Valentine’s Day

by Nikita Agrawal on Feb 01, 2023

7 Enticing Fragrances to Gift Her this Valentine’s Day

The most romantic month of the year is on the doorstep and the quandary to give your better half a memorable gift is incessant. One of the safest gift options for your partner is perfumes. Helping her reminisce all the cute day outs you might have spent together, fragrances are just so romantic and worthy as a gift. They won’t sit around lying in the corner of the drawers. 

Here is a list of seven tantalizing fragrances you can gift her this Valentine’s Day and make it all about love and romance: 

1. Ariana Grande ARI

For all those confident women who are not afraid to carry their uniqueness with pride, ARI by Grande can be an apt gift for this Valentine’s Day. The fruity notes of the fragrance remind you of the summer beauty of the luscious and ripe fruits. Pear and grapefruit add a refreshing burst to the perfume that is well-complemented with mellow woody notes. The apt amalgamation of sweeter and woody notes gives an incredibly intoxicating aroma to the scent. 

Ariana Grande ARI EDP

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2. Carolina Herrera Good Girl

In a room full of people, this fragrance is the signature scent that can set you apart and follow you. The perfume explodes with jasmine notes taking you amid the serene and mesmerizing jasmine trees. The sweet edge to the scent can make you feel refreshed and confident with just a few sprays. It is neither too sweet nor too intense. The balance between the notes will just make your girl gush over this one. The perfume comes in an edgy heel-shaped bottle that looks super out-of-the-box. 

Carolina Herrera Good Girl EDP

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3. Mancera Instant Crush

For all those females who are an irresistible combination of playful sweetness and sensuality, Mancera’s Instant Crush is the go-to pick. Exploding with a pleasant blend of rose, jasmine, and amber, the perfume is later balanced with whiffs of ginger and saffron. The appropriate proportions of sweet, dry, and spicy notes make it an all-rounder fragrance that could be worn regularly and to the occasions as well. The perfume comes in a simple yet elegant-looking golden bottle that keeps it chic and classy. 

Mancera Instant Crush EDP

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4. Versace Crystal Noir EDT

Versace’s Crystal Noir is a dark feminine scent that has a romantic and sensual essence to it. Being a perfect mix of sweet and spicy, it has a uniquely appealing vibe to it, which makes it an eye-turning fragrance. The multi-layered perfume is the best gift for a self-motivated and determined woman. Adding a warm aromatic boost of confidence to your personality, it can be worn in the winter season. The cardamom and ginger whiffs will give you a warm and cozy feel in the cold weather.  

Versace Crystal Noir EDT

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5. Chanel N°5

Chanel’s No. 5, with all the hype it enjoys, is worth it all and can be the perfect gift for your girl this Valentine’s Day. The extravagant floral layers of iris, jasmine, rose, and lily is reminiscent of the first whiffs of an exquisite bouquet. The use of vanilla furthermore makes the accords sensual and romantic, which could best be worn to amorous dates and intimate getaways. The perfume comes in a decent-looking transparent bottle with the brand name on the front. 

Chanel N°5 EDP

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6. Tom Ford Black Orchid

If your girl loves to spice everything with a little sensuality of her own, this head-turner perfume is a must-have for her. The top notes of the perfume, including blackcurrant, black truffle, and chocolate smell so edible you would want to lick your fingers twice. As the perfume wears off it transforms into a more balanced aroma, which also comprises woody intensity and vanilla sensuality. 

Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP

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7. Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal


The outbursts of orange blossoms of Jean Paul’s So Scandal are just an olfactory delight that can take you on an imaginative expedition to the orange plantations in Spain. The fragrance has a milky texture that is irresistible and intoxicating for all those around. Best suited for the night and parties, the perfume can easily last up to 8 hours. The scent comes in an edgy transparent bottle showcasing female legs that demonstrate sensuality and femininity in all the appropriate ways. 

Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal EDP

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Which one of these is your fave pick? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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