Parfums de Marly – Herod | 1.2ml Carded Sample

Herod is a decidedly masculine cologne for the man of refined taste. It is a full, strong signature scent that leaves a lasting impression. The classic cologne evokes a timeless confidence and strength.



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Eau de Parfum


Top Notes: Cinnamon, Pepperwood™
Middle Notes: Osmanthus, Tobacco, Frankincense, Cistus
Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cypriol, Musk


The top notes are pepper wood and cinnamon. They open the fragrance with a jolt of fresh, energizing spice. Heart notes include osmanthus, tobacco leaf, and labdanum. They blend rich, fruity, and smoky aromas for a complex middle. Vetiver, cedar, vanilla, and musk are the base notes. Green and smooth, they linger with a sexy note of deep sweetness.


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