Mancera Lemon Line Unisex

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A zesty, vibrant, bitter and kind of exotic creation from the house of Mancera. It is a unisex Citrus Aromatic fragrance.

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Pierre Montale gives birth to the Mancera house. This is the beginning of a unique collaboration between a father and his daughter. He is an inveterate traveller of the far east, with an ancestral knowledge that was passed on to him in the darkest corners of the workshops of master perfumers. She is a photographer and a visionary visual artist, passionate about art deco and in love with the fragrances that have been the environment she grew up in since early childhood, right by his side.

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Eau de Parfum


Top Notes: Lemon, Orange, Lavender Middle Notes: Blossoms, Amber, Geranium Base Notes: White Musk, Oakmoss


This is a unisex cologne with a compelling citrusy-aromatic character that’s long-lasting and has sillage just strong enough to share the experience with those around you. Lemon and orange, joined by lavender, provide a crisp and clean opening with a sweetness that persists through the fragrance.

1 review for Mancera Lemon Line Unisex

  1. Kartik M.

    Oh my goodness! This is really good. That citrusy scent opening is just to die for. I have been a fan of Mancera ever since I tried Instant Crush and really wanted to get this one as I have heard a lot. Was lucky to get this few days back. Really in love with this. If you are looking forward for a summer scent, look no further. This will suffice everything one look for in a summer fragrance.

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