Mancera Intense Cedrat Boise Extrait de Parfum

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Fresh, fruity and yet utterly masculine, Cedrat Boise has been a constant source of excitement among our collection since its release. Discover its INTENSE version!

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Pierre Montale gives birth to the Mancera house. This is the beginning of a unique collaboration between a father and his daughter. He is an inveterate traveller of the far east, with an ancestral knowledge that was passed on to him in the darkest corners of the workshops of master perfumers. She is a photographer and a visionary visual artist, passionate about art deco and in love with the fragrances that have been the environment she grew up in since early childhood, right by his side.

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Extrait de Parfum


Top Notes: Sicilian Citrus Fruits, Hot Spices, Blackcurrant.
Middle Notes: Patchouli Leaves, Leather Notes, Jasmine, Cambodian Oud & White Sandalwood.
Base Notes: Amber Grey, White Musk, Vanilla Pods & Wild Oakmoss.


This perfume extract opens with a sharp, zesty burst of blackcurrant and citrus, Cedrat Boise quickly lays down a sexy heart of jasmine and patchouli beneath the lingering fruity freshness, remaining lively for hours before slowly melting into a sumptuous base of cedar, sandalwood, leather and musky oakmoss.

4 reviews for Mancera Intense Cedrat Boise Extrait de Parfum

  1. Kunal S.

    Oh wow! what a fragrance this is! Less fruity and more woody. Glad that I picked this.

  2. Ajit S.

    This one is beauty. If you compare it with the recent batches of regular Cedrat Boise, this one is way better.

  3. Dr. Ashis Singh

    fretnaut007 (verified owner)

    Just got my Mancera intense cedrat boise 2022 edition and I am more than happy to have it in my collection. I got it at a great price from here whereas other stores and online sites charges more for it .
    I would describe this scent as a gust of woodiness with freshness to it .
    Thanks a lot Belvish !
    Gonna be looking for more niche fragrances.
    Cheers 🍻 !

  4. Anuj Yadav

    anujyadava85 (verified owner)

    super fragrance.all year round,very versatile,very likable.give it some time to macerate (2-3weeks) before attaining it’s full potential.

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