Lalique Ombre Noire EDP


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The new fragrance, reveals an ode to orient and occident earths. Between heritage and modernity, it is the perfect mix offered of splendid nature and luxurious sophistication.

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Eau de Parfum


Top Notes: Italian bergamot, Fig leaf, Peppermint Middle Notes: Tobacco leaf, Cinnamon, Papyrus Base Notes: Myrrh, Frankincense, Cognac, Tonka bean, Cedarwood


It is an Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. It begins with fresh top notes of bergamot, fig leaf, and mint. Its heart is a fragrant combination of tobacco leaf, papyrus, and cinnamon set atop a sweet, woody base of olibanum, myrrh, tonka bean, cedar, and cognac. This eclectic scent has moderate sillage and moderate-to-high longevity and is an excellent choice for all-day wear. It’s beautifully spicy with dashes of cool sweetness and warm wood, resulting in a truly unique scent that stands out from the crowd.




The Lalique name in the perfume world did not die, however, like the business, it has passed on to each generation. His granddaughter, Marie-Claude, another glassmaker, created a line of perfumes in 1992 and offers the same beautiful containers. Some Lalique brand perfumes include Azalee, Amethyst and Commedia. as perfumes normally came in bottles that needed to be placed in more expensive decanters at home.


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