Azzaro Pour Homme Wild Mint EDT for Men


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A new entry in the aromatic green category, It’s a lush blend of three notes, mint, calypsone, and patchouli.

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Eau de Toilette


Top Notes: Bergamot, Calypsone® Middle Notes: Nana mint, Balsam fir, Pine balsam absolute Base Notes: Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver


Thanks to the calypsone, there is a wonderful undercurrent of aquatic notes running through the fragrance. The result is a sensual perfume that appeals to your baser instincts. Part of the Sensual Blends collection, the fragrance comes in a modern octagonal bottle with a deep green ombre tint.




Discover the quality and refinement of Azzaro perfumes. The fragrances for men give off a magnetic elegance and discreet sensuality for seduction that focuses on the personality of each man. The fragrances for women gives off the elegance and sophistication of the modern women.


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