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    Mancera – Aoud Lemon Mint EDP | Unisex

    It is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. With the fresh citrus opening, this scent is both inviting and exciting to wear.
    8,499.00 6,699.00
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    Mancera – Black Prestigium | Unisex

    MANCERA Black Prestigium created to impress fans of chypre-leather editions with shades of flowers, wood and powder.
    7,999.00 4,620.00
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    Mancera – Cedrat Boise | Unisex

    It is brilliantly composed, remarkably versatile and, above all, brings you vast joy with its scent. Since its launch it has constantly evoked admiration, interest, ...
    7,999.00 6,299.00
  • Mancera – Gold Intensitive Aoud | Unisex

    This intoxicating oud composition unfolds with the power of an explosion where orient meets Occident and European freshness meets Arab profundity.
    7,999.00 6,599.00
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    Mancera – Instant Crush | Unisex

    The irresistible trio - rose, jasmine, amber - strikes again, in a rich mix of sensuality and romance.
    8,999.00 7,450.00
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    Mancera – Lemon Line | Unisex

    A zesty, vibrant, bitter and kind of exotic creation from the house of Mancera. It is a unisex Citrus Aromatic fragrance.
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    Mancera – Red Tobacco | Unisex

    Its notable longevity and considerable sillage combine to produce a scent that’ll outlast you on the dance floor, no matter how early your evening starts.
    9,999.00 6,950.00
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    Mancera – Roses Vanille | Unisex

    A warm vanilla note, evoking oriental scents with Turkish Delight of rose, white musk and fresh lemon; Roses Vanille is a sensual and greedy scent.
    8,999.00 6,499.00
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    Mancera – Saharian Wind EDP | 120ml

    An enchanting and luminous fragrance, created with love and audacity.
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    Mancera – Sicily EDP | Unisex

    A delicious fruity citrus scent for both men and women to wear.
    8,999.00 7,199.00
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    Mancera – Soleil D’Italie EDP

    This luminous perfume combines citrus, woody and earthy accords for a naturally refreshing scent that's as enriching to the soul as it is to the ...