• Bvlgari – Le Gemme Kobraa EDP for Men

    Inspired by snake jasper - a protective stone that is a symbol of regeneration - Bvlgari's Le Gemme Kobraa is a powerful scent with innately ...
    26,900.00 24,999.00
  • Bvlgari – Le Gemme Gyan EDP for Men

    This fragrance evokes the velvety blue sapphires from Kashmir and blends the spirituality of a midnight sky in the Himalayas and the seductiveness, lucidity and ...
    26,900.00 23,500.00
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    Bvlgari – Le Gemme Tygar EDP for Men

    This fragrance infuses with power and force. Like the name of the fragrance, this bright stone is inspired by the majestic feline and conveys the ...
    26,900.00 23,500.00
  • Creed – Sublime Vanille EDP

    This high-end fragrance has moderate sillage and high longevity, making it a great choice for all-day wear. It’s fresh and sweet without being overly sugary ...
  • Out of stock

    Parfums de Marly – Carlisle EDP

    Carlisle is the embodiment of light. A surprising and explosive alliance.
  • Out of stock

    Amouage – Interlude Black Iris EDP

    Crafted as an overpainting, Interlude Black Iris uses a refined palette to smoothen the facets of the original creation.
    22,950.00 20,500.00
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    Parfums de Marly – Layton Exclusif EDP

    It is a bold blend of woody and citrus accords.
  • NEW

    Nishane – Ege / Αιγαίο Extrait de Parfum

    It's blue is the color of longing for your most beautiful dreams in this blue world, enjoy sharing the glamour of being able to see ...
    24,950.00 20,000.00
  • Amouage – Meander EDP for Men

    It explores the exhilarating feeling of happiness in a land of fog, lush green mountains and running streams.
    22,500.00 19,999.00
  • Kilian – Back to Black “Aphrodisiac” EDP

    Rekindle small fires in the darkest of nights, under blackest skies that hold the brightest of stars.
  • Kilian – Black Phantom “Memento Mori” EDP

    Rum accord from Martinique, akin to ‘pirates water’, spikes the scent of strong coffee at its heart, balanced by vetiver essence. A deadly bite of ...
  • Kilian – Intoxicated EDP

    Inexplicably addictive, Intoxicated curbs craving like a cup of rich Turkish coffee, laced with green cardamom.
  • Out of stock

    Byredo – Bal D’afrique EDP

    A warm and romantic vetiver inspired by Paris in the late 20's and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance.
    20,950.00 18,499.00
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    Xerjoff – Nio EDP for Men

    It is a remedy for the hot Mediterranean summer weather. An intense and astringent citrus accord mingles with cardamom, pink pepper and luring jasmine which ...
    19,300.00 17,900.00
  • NEW

    Nishane – Nanshe Extrait de Parfum

    Delight in the abundant jubilance and refreshment that comes with every spritz of Nanshe. This spirited fragrance combines powdery, floral, citrus and spicy accords for ...
    24,950.00 17,500.00
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    Franck Boclet – Cocaïne EDP

    Cocaine is a fragrance with sunny, floral and oriental notes. Like the most popular rock song, "If you wanna hang out, you've got to take ...
    19,400.00 16,500.00
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    Parfums de Marly – Kalan EDP

    A woody and aromatic fragrance that is intense and subtle all at once.
  • Out of stock

    Parfums de Marly – Herod EDP

    Decidedly masculine cologne for the man of refined taste. The classic cologne evokes a timeless confidence and strength.
  • Byredo – Velvet Haze EDP

    It evokes the daze state attained in artificial paradises. The opulence of the scent embarks us in a psychedelic whirlpool. Along this exhilarating path, the ...
    20,000.00 15,999.00
  • Parfums de Marly – Layton EDP

    This seductive oriental-floral fragrance with an intense olfactory signature is carried by vanilla and precious woods. The aromas are further heightened by caramelised coffee. 
    18,700.00 15,999.00